Impact Lighting Inc.'s Award Winning Panel System

Awarded For Second Year in a Row from Electronic Magazine


The Epic™ Wifi Lighting System is a family of products designed to connect almost any LED lighting to a network in a matter of minutes

Introducing the New Impact EPIC SYMPHONY

There's nothing quite like experiencing a movie when your color changing lights are are insync with the genre of film you are watching

Introducing the New Impact EPIC Melody

A plethora of sounds including nature sounds like chirping crickets, waterfall, wind, thunderstorm, river, beach, etc.

Introducing the New Impact EPIC Railing System

The Epic Rail are both a clever and surprisingly obvious way to light up a staircase.

Residential Specialty Lighting

Star Ceiling, Sarasota, Florida

Commercial Specialty Lighting

Jason's Martini Club, Sanford, Florida

Residential Lighting

Full functioning LED roulette spa, Orlando, Florida

Commercial Lighting

Marriot Hotel, Orlando, Florida

Introducing the New Impact EPIC FLARE

The ECN IMPACT Awards seeks to honor the best and most innovative in the design engineering world.



Impact Lighting Inc.
2101 West Central Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32805

Phone: 1.800.507.5714
Fax: 407.745.4584

For technincal support please email:


Architectural / Hospitality Division: Aviya Gavra

Pool & Spa Division/Visual Aquatics: Richard Heiner

Home Theater/Epic Sky: Summer Monaco

Custom Projects: Aviya Gavra

Marine Market Cruiseline Division: Paul Koren

Online Reseller: Rich Curran

Integrated Millwork Design Lesley Gwynn

Themepark/Entertainment Paul Koren

Custom Product Development/OEM: Paul Koren

International: Richard Heiner


Visual Aquatics: Rich Curran

Architecture: Aviya Gavra

Epic Sky Rep Support: Wendy Davis


General Manager: Lesley Gwynn

Reception: Shannon Vayne

Shipping/Purchasing: Jonathan Turnbull

Accounting: Donna Myers

To find or become a representative please call: Rich Curran at ext: 7007

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