Impact Lighting Inc.'s Award Winning Panel System

Awarded For Second Year in a Row from Electronic Magazine


The Epic™ Wifi Lighting System is a family of products designed to connect almost any LED lighting to a network in a matter of minutes

Introducing the New Impact EPIC SYMPHONY

There's nothing quite like experiencing a movie when your color changing lights are are insync with the genre of film you are watching

Introducing the New Impact EPIC Melody

A plethora of sounds including nature sounds like chirping crickets, waterfall, wind, thunderstorm, river, beach, etc.

Introducing the New Impact EPIC Railing System

The Epic Rail are both a clever and surprisingly obvious way to light up a staircase.

Residential Specialty Lighting

Star Ceiling, Sarasota, Florida

Commercial Specialty Lighting

Jason's Martini Club, Sanford, Florida

Residential Lighting

Full functioning LED roulette spa, Orlando, Florida

Commercial Lighting

Marriot Hotel, Orlando, Florida

Introducing the New Impact EPIC FLARE

The ECN IMPACT Awards seeks to honor the best and most innovative in the design engineering world.



Ion Lighting™
While emphasizing energy efficiency, quality, and design, Ion Lighting™ White Architectural Lighting offers a collection of decorative lighting designed to ehance living and working spaces. Our Ion Lighting Technology™ offers quality white LED lighting allowing for a subtle, relaxing environment.

Ion Lighting™ LED products create a cost effective lighting solution that has never been easier to achieve.

The biggest potential opportunity for Ion LED lighting is indoor lighting. Approximately 90% of the electricity used for lighting is for architectural lighting. Indoor lighting represents many different applications, configurations and forms. One of the first applications or segments addressed by Ion Lighting™ is task lighting and directional down lighting traditionally served by incandescent and halogen light sources. This type of lighting is seen as under counter lighting, desk lighting, recessed can lights and other similar products. LED technology is also currently used for decorative lighting such as wall sconces, pendant lights, and wall washes.

Many indoor applications, especially residential and hospitality settings, require a "warm" white light, instead of the cool or blue white light historically associated with fluorescent lights and with many LEDs. Recent advances in LED technology have made possible high-efficiency, high-brightness LEDs that are available in a full range of warm and neutral white colors. Ion Lighting™ White LED products is helping meet consumer's demands for soft, warm white light in indoor applications.

The long service life and efficiency of Ion Lighting™ delivers significant benefits for indoor applications, especially those currently using incandescent bulbs. Ion Lighting™ LEDs deliver approximately five times the efficiency of many incandescent bulbs, and effective light fixture design can improve these gains even further. Since Ion Lighting™ LEDs generate less heat than most light sources, and since the heat generated is not radiated into the work or living space as it is with light bulbs, Ion Lighting™ LEDs can also reduce the load on air conditioning systems and hence reduce the electricity used to cool the area.

Aqua and Thermal Matrix Technology™

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