Impact Lighting Inc.'s Award Winning Panel System

Awarded For Second Year in a Row from Electronic Magazine


The Epic™ Wifi Lighting System is a family of products designed to connect almost any LED lighting to a network in a matter of minutes

Introducing the New Impact EPIC SYMPHONY

There's nothing quite like experiencing a movie when your color changing lights are are insync with the genre of film you are watching

Introducing the New Impact EPIC Melody

A plethora of sounds including nature sounds like chirping crickets, waterfall, wind, thunderstorm, river, beach, etc.

Introducing the New Impact EPIC Railing System

The Epic Rail are both a clever and surprisingly obvious way to light up a staircase.

Residential Specialty Lighting

Star Ceiling, Sarasota, Florida

Commercial Specialty Lighting

Jason's Martini Club, Sanford, Florida

Residential Lighting

Full functioning LED roulette spa, Orlando, Florida

Commercial Lighting

Marriot Hotel, Orlando, Florida

Introducing the New Impact EPIC FLARE

The ECN IMPACT Awards seeks to honor the best and most innovative in the design engineering world.



General Info:

Impact Lighting Inc. offers a number of different LED lighting options for your home and business. This FAQ is to help you understand and capitalize the benefits from using LEDs. LED lights and bulbs alternatives help set the atmosphere and mood ofyour home and business.

Some of the benefits to using the LEDs are:
LEDs run exceptionally cool, and are inherently safer than flames or incandescent lighting.

No Fire Hazard - Generally using low voltage or batteries for the power source.

No Wind Effect - Illuminate indoors and out without the fear of the lights going out on windy days, or from drafts inside.

Strong and durable - Withstand shocks, vibrations, frequent switching and temperature extremes that rapidly incapacitate fragile incandescent lamps.

Beauty - LEDs produce sharp, vibrant colors ... even pure white. Response times are 100 to 1,000 times faster than incandescents so there's no flicker - just pure dramatic light.

Versatility - The only limit is your imagination.

Long life - Typical LED lifetime 100,000 hours, that equals thousands of light bulbs, at a tremendous savings over years. Compare it to a job, you work roughly 2000 hours per year, if the LED light were to be on 40 hours per week, it will last 50 years!

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